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# Wednesday, 21 July 2004
Some issues with PureComponents Navigator control 2.0

I have built a content management system in windows forms, and i set it up with individual forms to manage each of the aspects to the system. one to manage users, another for templates etc.  however this made the user interface quite cluttered sometimes with several windows open.  so i decided to make my app work like outlook 2003 with its nice control on the left with buttons and side panels on the left, and the main panel on the right for whichever button is selected. 

i chose the pure components navigator control (2.0) and i'm testing it at the moment.  i don't like the way the developers don't give a public support forum, they say it shouldn't need support, but i have had several issues with it.

the main problem i have is that the control seems to crash Visual Studio (2003 enterprise edition) when i add panels to each group and set properties such as anchoring in the designer.  i ended up cutting the code to set up the panels from InitialiseComponent and pasting it into a separate function that i call in the constructor.

also, the group class is supposed to have a FitPanel() method, but it doesn't fill the panel to the size of the space in the control between the buttons.  i tried setting the panel to DockStyle.Fill and it fills the entire control on top of all the other buttons.  I ended up manually creating the panels (right click a group and Add Panel) and then resize it to the desired dimensions, and set the anchor to top|left|bottom|right.  i must say it was quite messy though. 

it seems like a great control and it works quick enough too. i'll need to do more testing before i pay for the license though.

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