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# Saturday, 19 September 2009
Hillwalking in the Lakeland Fells

Just back from a two week trip in the Lake District in England, what a discovery.  this photo was taken at sunrise at 500m on the last day.  unfortunately the first 10 days were mostly torrential rain, but it was worth it in the end. i want to go back next year.  i posted some more info on the trip at the wainwright society forum where i got some good advice before going.

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# Sunday, 03 April 2005
MTB: Excellent trail in Limerick - Keeper Hill + Slieve Felim Way

i went exploring on a new route yesterday and it was by far the most exciting trail i've been on for a long time.  Map and Stats below.


  • Route length: 76k from Limerick city (Ireland)
  • Time taken: 8 hours including about 7x5-min rests, a half hour nap at the top, and about 10 camera stops.  so you can easily knock an hour and a half of this time.
  • Climb: 700m to Keeper Hill Summit
  • Terrain: About 50km of this trip is road, but it's the fast part and i think the 20k on trails is really worth it.  you could drive to newport and cut out the boring leg between limerick and newport.
  • Water needed: 2.5l energy drink was just about enough for me
  • Food needed: 3 snickers + banana + raisins



The map has red arrows marking the route i took for the way up, and pink arrows for the way down. In case they don't make sense, here are the english directions:

  • From Limerick, take the N7 dublin road out as far as the roundabout on the new dual carriage way stretch. Take the second exit sign-posted newport.
  • Go straight through newport and keep on the main road and go past the entrance to Tooreenbrien woods. After that, take the next left up a small road.  (marked on map with a red arrow).
  • Keep going and turn right near the end of the road (down a hill) and you should link up with the Slieve Felim way, marked with the hill-walker signs.
  • Then just follow the hill walker signs up and across, and over the hill.
  • There is an extremely fast (and mucky when i did it) descent to Toor (a village apparently).
  • Go right on the main road for almost a kilometer. you get a good view of Keeper Hill from there. Turn left just at the handball court, following the hillwalker signs.
  • The Slieve Felim way doesn't actually take you to the summit, so follow the map to choose one of the paths that leads there.  I had to walk the last 150m because the path was very loose and stoney.
  • I choose the quickest way home once i had reached the top, and it is the fastest descent i've ever been on. the quality of the paths was pretty good when i was there, so i was able to clock 58kph. 
  • you can see with the pink arrows which route i took home.

if you have any corrections suggestions, post your comments below.

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