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# Thursday, 28 June 2012
Windows Phone 7 update 7.10.8773.98 released for O2 Ireland

A long awaited Windows Phone 7 update has finally been released on the O2 network in Ireland. The main feature i'm looking for is Wifi tethering, to use the phone as a wifi hotspot. My data package with O2 includes a few Gb every month and it's handy to be able to use this for remote access on a laptop etc. My old Nokia E52 used to have a built-in modem that i could just plug in to the laptop and dial up, this feature is sadly missing from the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Currently i have to pull out the sim card and swap it in to a USB modem to plut in to the laptop. I used to use a wifi tethering app on the E52 called Joiku Spot but it had a remarkably ability to drain a battery in an hour that would typically last 8 days. Since getting the Lumia 800 i have joined the rest of the world of smartphone users who must charge up their phone every day, one step forwards two steps backwards. Well, i usually get 2 days so not as bad as the iphone :)

the first update Zune told me about was 7.10.8112.7, then it went through the update process again and installed 7.10.8773.98. after the update my phone reports firmware version 1600.2487.8107.12070. Disappointingly there is no sign of the Internet Sharing feature in Settings. but wait, apparently i can turn the phone face down to silence an incoming call, whup-de-doo. false alarm, not even that feature is included with this update.

According to the nokia software update availability page, O2 Ireland are still waiting for approval for the Lumia 800. but according to their blog post yesterday if i have the Tango update i should have all the new features. i guess this isn't Tango then, false alarm, in the words of the great Mr Myagi "patience daniel son"...

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