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# Sunday, 18 February 2007
VSS: listing deleted files
my Visual Source Safe database had grown very large and i couldn't see why.  digging around in the aaaaaaamb.a files revealed an episode of robin-hood that had accidentally been checked in to VSS.  the thing was i had deleted it through VS but it hadn't been purged from VSS.  with the VSS graphical interface, you can right-click any folder and it will tell you in the deleted items tab if there are any deleted (but not yet purged) items.  however this is very time-consuming.
thanks to a post on a newsgroup, i discovered the command line interface, which has an option to list deleted files, and you can then purge them. you still have to scan through the output, which is presented in a very crude way to say the least.  if there are deleted files, you would think it should just list them.  but no, it lists every directory and says 'no items found under ...' after it, which makes for a lot of noise when you are trying to scan for directories that actually contain deleted files. 
anway, here's the commands:

set SSDIR=C:\Data\VSS                                        ** the folder containing of your srcsafe.ini file **
cd "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\"
ss dir -R -D $/*.*

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