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# Thursday, 15 December 2005
Usability problems with 'directory listing' in .Net 2.0

Microsoft love small fixed fonts for some reason

Correction: this only applies to the Asp.Net development server (v8), so it's not all that important...

i noticed if you browse a folder on a .net 2 virtual directory, you get the directory listing.  but the font styles are set to 8 point verdana which is uncomfortably small for some users on some resolutions.  the fact that they hard-coded it in the css styles means it ignores the browser font-size setting, so it breaks a very important accessibility guideline.  

this is just another reason to use firefox which lets you increase font sizes for fixed sizes. surely MS would be trying to hang on to their user population who still uses IE.  
i looked in the source of the directory listing, and i see they have the file and folder info formatted inside <pre> tags, keeping the tabs aligned nicely.  but i took a copy of the source and removed the font sizes, and the alignment is still fine when you change the browser font size!

come on MS... why the love affair with "px" and "pt" for font sizes?  
i remember gotdotnet.com had fixed sized fonts also.  it's a silly decision in my book, let your users control the font size.  

i've just been experimenting with VS2005 and i like the improved support for xhtml and accessibility, but lots of people actually use directory listings, so why not make them accessible also?

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