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# Monday, 26 July 2004
A great ASP.NET treeview control that is compatible with other browsers

I'm building a web front-end for my content management system (so that i can sell it to clients who don't run 100% windows PCs).  and i needed a cross-platform treeview control.  i did a quick search and noticed that the CrapStuff Treeview listed on asp.net was a popular one (http://crapstuff.craponne.org).  Ignoring the unusual name i tried it out and am delighted with it.  i have used the microsoft.ui.webcontrols treeview before and found it frustrating on several issues, that others have also encountered and have remained unresolved due to MS not supporting the control.

programatically the CrapStuff Treeview is great to work with, and i like the DHTML support also so that the control can be expanded fully without any postbacks, unless you want them to happen.

the author's name is Pascal Craponne so that's where he gets the name i suppose.  it's a great control and he has given it out for free.  thank you Pascal!

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