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# Monday, 31 May 2004
Installing Windows XP on a Shuttle ST61G4 with SATA hard disk (no floppy drive)

This is my first post on my new PC, a Shuttle ST61G4.  3Ghz P4, 1Gb ddr 400 ram, 160Gb SATA hard disk.  It feels like a small miracle that it's working, that's how difficult it was for me to install Windows XP on the SATA hard disk.  

Partly it was due to me never having used SATA before, and not realising that Windows XP doesn't bundle the SATA drivers I need for the Silican SATA Controller (Si3112r) that is part of the Shuttle mainboard.  Also, the most annoying part was that Windows setup only allows you to specify additional drivers from a floppy disk.  The shuttle, being a modern compact PC, doesn't come with a floppy of course, so i was stumped.  I really didn't want to pull out the old floppy drive from my other PC, but i was forced to in the end. 

There is a way to slipstream the drivers into the Windows setup files and then burn them back to a CD, but this sounded way too complicated for me. 

The CD with the shuttle mainboard drivers had instructions for how to create the required floppy for a Windows install, and this worked OK, when i finally figured out how to get the Shuttle to recognise the floppy drive.  It took a while to find the plug in the motherboard for the floppy, at the back around the side under the power supply.  Then i had to enable Floppy Disk 1 in the bios as a 1.44mb drive.  Still didn't work, so i enabled Boot up Floppy Seek.  Still didn't work, and i finally found out that another setting 'FDC Controller' was disabled, which i needed to enable.  Then the floppy drive worked, and it went without hitch from there on in.  you also need to enable the Raid controller in the bios. 

When the computer boots, the SATA controller part still says "Drive 1542311Mb - Drive not found" or something, although this doesn't seem to matter since windows is able to recognise it. 

I found all this out the hard way, and i looked for a long time online to find an easier way of doing it, or clear instructions detailing every step necessary, and i found a FAQ page on shuttle.com (afterwards!) which details the process very well, its a shame it was so hard to find through the shuttle web site. 

But my shuttle is fast and very lovely, and it is the quietest thing i have never heard. I can't figure out why they make you press the reset button with a pen though, its so tiny.  In the end, i love it.  

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